Purtabs Disinfecting & Sanitizing Effervescent Tablets 13.1g

PurTabs is Innovative. It is Proven. And it takes a Proactive approach to disinfection. Its Revolutionary disinfection technology enables us to make infection prevention simpler, more economical and more effective.

It is a Complete and concentrated hospital-grade disinfectant solution that is formulated for both daily institutional and household use.

It is part of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s List N of Disinfectants that kill all strains of Human Coronavirus, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

ImmuniWell is a true stand-out in the market among all other vitamin C wellness products available today.

PurTabs presents a safer, more effective and more economical alternative to bleaches, sanitizers, and other commercially available disinfectant products. PurTabs a single-ingredient, single-step broad-spectrum disinfectant and sanitizer that comes in an effervescent tablet form easily dissolved in regular tapwater, doing away with the need for bulky and heavy liquid containers as well as the guesswork that often comes with the accurate dilution of liquid disinfectants.
PurTabs offers guaranteed protection for workplaces and homes against, viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing pathogens, including:

  • Cold & flu, COVID-19, Staph, Salmonella, E. coli
  • Norovirus
  • C. diff, C. Auris
  • Bloodborne pathogens (HIV-1, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C)
  • Mycobacterium bovis (TB)

Prepare a fresh solution daily or if solution becomes diluted. Follow specific Directions for Use and Dilution Chart when preparing solution. Do not use hot water for solution preparation. All treated equipment that will contact food, feed, or drinking water must be rinsed with potable water before reuse.

Apply use solution to hard, non-porous, inanimate surfaces with brush, spray device, sponge, cloth, or mop as appropriate to wet all surfaces thoroughly. Allow to remain wet for contact time as indicated in the Usage Table, then remove product by wiping with brush, sponge, or cloth or allow to air dry.For sprayer applications using a spray device, spray at appropriate distance from surface depending on sprayer type (6-8 inches for spray bottles). Allow surface to remain wet for contact time as indicated in the Usage Table, the remove product by rubbing with brush, sponge, wipe or cloth or allow to airdry. Do not breathe spray mist.Before using this product, food products and packaging materials must be removed from the room or carefully protected.

Notice to User: This product is not to be used as a terminal sterilant/high leveldisinfectant on any surface or instrument that (1) is introduced directly into  the human body, either into or in contact with the blood stream or normallysterile areas of the body, or (2) contacts intact mucous membranes but whichdoes not ordinarily penetrate the blood barrier or otherwise enter normallysterile areas of the body. This product may be used to pre-clean or decontaminate critical or semi-critical medical devices prior to sterilization or high level disinfection.

PurTabs Effervescent Tablets 13.1G: Dilution Chart and Kill Claims Dillution Chart:

NaDCC (sodium dichloroisocyanurate)

When activated with water, PurTabs ® forms HOCl (hypochlorous acid) and free chlorine

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